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Tunity : 听到任何静音电视APK下载v1.13.2最新版本

AndroidFreeApks.com尽量给的最新版本 "Tunity : 听到任何静音电视APK下载v1.13.2最新版本" 为你的Android手机. 这个应用程序属于Android类别. 这个APK文件最后更新于十二月 18, 2018 在 1:47 下午. 选择从下面直接下载链接下载,开始获取apk文件 "Tunity : 听到任何静音电视APK下载v1.13.2最新版本", 然后将文件移动到你的Android手机的SD卡,并使用一个文件管理器,你喜欢浏览和安装. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安装此应用.

Tunity : Hear any muted TV APK Download v1.13.2 Latest version 1

Download Tunity : Hear any muted TV APK Download Latest version for free here for your 安卓 手机或平板电脑…


With Tunity, you can tune-in wherever you go! TUNITY is a FREE app that allows you to hear any muted, live TV’s audio directly on your mobile device. Simply scan the TV, let Tunity locate the channel and stream the audio through your headphones or bluetooth speaker.

Where Should I Use Tunity?
To put it simply—ANYWHERE!
*BARS- Next time you’re at a sports bar, hear all the action from the game YOU want to hear!

*GYMS- Tune in to any TV and move freely about the gym without disconnecting!

*UNIVERSITIES – If your roommate is asleep or studying, Tunity lets you watch TV without disturbing them!

*WAITING AREAS, AIRPORTS, HOSPITALS- Don’t stare at a muted TV when you can pass the time by fully tuning in to whatever it is you’re watching!

*HEARING IMPAIRED- Those with a hearing impairment can listen to the TV at a volume that works best for them, without affecting anyone else in the room!

Don’t just take our word for it:

Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt: “Really clever. This would be a great companion at the gym to listen to muted TV’s in front of rows of elliptical machines

CNET: “Tunity streams TV audio to your smartphone and it’s darn cool the app has the potential to be a huge hit



  • When it works, it’s great! Sometimes updates don’t scan the channels at all which is frustrating because you knew it worked in a previous update. The new update allowing you to not having to re-scan every time you launch it is so nice. Having GPS enabled the entire time drains the battery so it would be nice to be able to enable it only when scanning and be able to turn it off and still allow it to keep playing.
  • Scanned 6tvs not one was available yet every channel on the TV’s is listed as available but hey at least they got my personal info to sell to scammers and telemarketers. Good thing I always use a fake email account
  • The original program was good. Now not so much. The audio is so low that it is not worth the effort. Great concept, just neend a LOT more work and a LOT more volume!!!

Tunity : Hear any muted TV 1.13.2 文件信息

包: com.tunityapp.tunityapp
文件大小: 35.39 兆字节 (37,106,578 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传: 十二月 17, 2018 在 10:51下午

Download Tunity : Hear any muted TV 1.13.2 APK


Tunity : Hear any muted TV 1.13.1

版: 1.13.1 (192)
包: com.tunityapp.tunityapp
文件大小: 35.35 兆字节 (37,070,710 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传: 十二月 14, 2018 在 1:30上午

Tunity : Hear any muted TV 1.13.0

版: 1.13.0 (184)
包: com.tunityapp.tunityapp
文件大小: 34.87 兆字节 (36,566,315 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传 : 十二月 5, 2018 在 12:13上午

Tunity : Hear any muted TV 1.12.1

包: com.tunityapp.tunityapp
文件大小: 33.64 兆字节 (35,270,217 字节)
我: Android的 4.1 (果冻豆, API 16)
上传: 十一月 13, 2018 在 11:05下午

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