Android的 威格尔的WiFi驾驶攻击APK v2.42下载用于Android | 最新版本

威格尔的WiFi驾驶攻击APK v2.42下载用于Android | 最新版本

更新: 七月 30, 2019

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Open source network observation, positioning, and display client from the world’s largest queryable database of wireless networks. Can be used for site-survey, security analysis, and competition with your friends. Collect networks for personal research or upload to WiGLE has been collecting and mapping network data since 2001, and currently has over 350m networks. WiGLE is *not* a list of networks you can use.

* Uses GPS to estimate locations of observed networks
* Observations logged to local database to track your networks found
* Upload and compete on the global leaderboard
* Real-time map of networks found, with overlays from entire WiGLE dataset
* 自由, 开源, no ads (pull requestes welcome at )
* Export to CSV files on SD card (comma separated values)
* Export to KML files on SD card (to import into Google Maps/Earth)
* Bluetooth GPS support through mock locations
* Audio and Text-to-Speech alerting andMuteoption to shut off all sound/speech

Current release notes notes:

Feedback and support requests are welcome via email wiGle-ad米in@w一世glË.nËt, github, or (registration required).

You can help to improve our language files and translations via pull requests at: or sending email to w一世glË-aðmiñ@wig升e.ñet

Keep on stumbling!


* 2.40 – 2.42 (02/28/2019)
Server-side network search
魔法 (8) Ball Export:
Updated Czech translation: Thanks Czechball!
Menu fragments the “对” way
Various bug and UI fixes


  • Bluetooth scanning doesn’t work on Huawei Ascend XT² (Android的 8) but everything else does. Picked up 300 new networks and 6 new cell towers as of writing, and that’s just today’s catalog!
  • map updates are slow to nonexistent when in motion, even when other apps (谷歌地图, Waze的, etc) have no issue updating their maps WiGLE will either take 30+seconds to update the map, if it does at all, compared to Google Maps, Waze的, etc taking AT MOST 3 seconds to update once a GPS lock has been achieved
  • My pixel 2 XL just updated to Pie and it seems like scanning isn’t working as it should. I start scanning and it saysx networks scanned in 2xxx msa few times but then it starts sayingx networks scanned in 0 女士” sometimes 1 要么 2 Ms. And the list doesn’t update. The only way I see updates is to wait a very long time, or lock the phone for 10+ seconds and unlock.

WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.42 文件信息

版: 2.42 (242) 
包: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
文件大小: 5.18 MB (5,427,552 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
 上传 : 游行 17, 2019 在 10:48上午

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.42 APK


Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.41

版: 2.41 (241) 
包: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
文件大小: 5.19 MB (5,437,826 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传 : 一月 28, 2019 在 11:41上午

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.39

版: 2.39 (239) 
包: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
文件大小: 4.66 MB (4,883,364 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
 上传 : 一月 4, 2019 在 10:47上午

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.38

版: 2.38 (238) 
包: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
文件大小: 4.52 MB (4,744,614 字节)
我: Android的 4.0 (冰淇淋三明治, API 14)
上传: 十一月 1, 2018 在 11:34上午

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