Automatically mount and dismount USB sticks on various devices like the Galaxy Nexus, رابطه 7 and Nexus 10. The Nexus 4 is not supportedthis is an issue with the device, not with StickMount !


Various Nexus andstock اندرویدdevices do not automaticallymountmass storage devices (such as USB sticks). StickMount has been made to solve this problem, and give you access to the files on your USB connected storage from all your apps.

StickMount is known to work on many devices, but is built *only* with *Nexus* devices in mind.

Once StickMount is installed and you connect a USB stick with aUSB host / OTG cable”, the device will show you a popup if you want to open StickMount. It is advised to tell the device that you want to do this by default.

If you have just installed StickMount and you already had a USB stick connected, you must manually launch the program, or disconnect/reconnect the USB stick for StickMount to start working.

Mass storage devices are mounted to “/sdcard/usbStorage/xxxx/”.

—– (حرفه ای) Kill apps preventing unmount —–

Sometimes an app has a file in use located on the USB device, and won’t let go of it. This can prevent StickMount from unmounting the USB device. It will seem like the device stays connected (this is harmless). StickMount Pro provides an option that attempts to kill (terminate) all the apps that are preventing the unmount from succeeding.

—– (حرفه ای) Media scan —–

StickMount Pro supports triggering the media scanner on each (un)mount action. This will automatically make the files on your USB device available in apps like Gallery and Music. Please note that the media scanner is not a visible process on all Android devicesit might actually work silently in the background without any visual cues. It may take a minute for your files to show up, so don’t panic if they don’t show immediately.

Even if you have this option enabled, you can prevent folders from being scanned by placing an empty file called “.nomediain that folder. If you put it in the root of the USB device, the entire device will not be scanned.

—– (حرفه ای) Mount as partition label —–

Instead of using the block device name for the partition, use the partition label as mount name, falling back to uuid or block device name if the label is unavailable.

—– (حرفه ای) Create symbolic links —–

Create symbolic links in /mnt and /storage to the actual mounts in /sdcard/usbStorage/

—– Filesystem support —–

The filesystems supported depends on your device firmware. On most devices, at least vfat/fat/fat32 and ext2/3/4 are supported. On the latest Android versions, ntfs is also supported in read-only mode. Some devices also support exfat out the box, but most do not.

StickMount can utilize thentfs-3g” و “mount.exfat-fusebinaries to add support for ntfs (untested) and exfat, but these are not included. If you place thentfs-3g” یا “mount.exfat-fusefiles in the root of your internal storage ( /sdcard ), StickMount will automatically use them.

You can find the needed files here:
ntfs-3g: HTTP://
mount.exfat-fuse: HTTP://

—– Troubleshooting —–

For some users, the app appears not to work, while in fact it is the device itself or the cable not working. One OTG cable is not the other OTG cable. If you have a USB stick with a light on it, it should light up when you connect it to the Galaxy Nexus using your OTG cable. If it does not, either your cable or your Nexus is faulty. 99 بیرون از 100 times it is going to be your cable. That the cable works fine with another device does not mean anything! Cables known to work on a one devices may not work on another device.

SD card unmounting: If your SD card unmounts when unmounting a USB device, you have a bug in your kernel. This is *not* a bug in StickMount !

دسته بندی: ابزارهای
Operating System: اندروید
Price: رایگان

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– (C) 2017
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نقد های کاربران / نظر:

  • Great app. Very useful. However doesn’t work properly with Android 8.1 on Google Pixel. Or unofficial LineageOS 15.1. It mounts the devicebut no file managers can properly read the contents. Can’t make updates to files or open them in other apps. Please fix.
  • خیر, the app is not permitted repeatedly to lose sight of the card and go looking for it during the transfer on hundreds of files. Nor to stretch a process that should take under ten minutes out to a matter of more than three hours.
  • Is it possible that it supports magisk instead of supersu? It’s a great app anyway, especially for us who having devices that do not have external SD slot

[ریشه] StickMount FILE INFORMATION

نام بسته: eu.chainfire.stickmount
نسخه: 3.50 (350)
حجم فایل: 87.9 KB
به روز رسانی: مارس 20, 2018
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0 (بستنی نونی, API 14)

دانلود [ریشه] StickMount 3.50 (350) APK

نسخه قدیمی

[ریشه] StickMount 3.33

نسخه: 3.40 (340)
آپلود شده: مارس 24, 2016 در 9:08GMT + 00
حجم فایل: 87.65KB (89,756 بایت)
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0+ (بستنی نونی, API 14)

[ریشه] StickMount 3.26

نسخه: 3.26 (326)
آپلود شده: دسامبر 15, 2014 در 1:31AM GMT + 00
حجم فایل: 74.95KB (76,758 بایت)
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0+ (بستنی نونی, API 14)

[ریشه] StickMount 3.33

نسخه: 3.33 (333)
آپلود شده: نوامبر 21, 2015 در 3:23GMT + 00
حجم فایل: 86.52KB (88,604 بایت)
حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.0+ (بستنی نونی, API 14)

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