Harvest Swap is a matching puzzle game from the makers of FarmVille. Match delicious fruit and crops to help Marie and friends in new adventures on the farm and beyond. If you love Country Escape or just want something fresh and exciting, then this could be your new addiction!

• 800+ levels with regular updates
• Charming story scenes help tell Marie’s story
• Unique gameplay elements that keep you guessing
• The most explosive Match-3 you can play!
• Leaderboards for competing with your friends
• Master the 2×2 crate to crush the competition

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-Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service (HTTP://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service) and Privacy Policy (HTTP://m.zynga.com/privacy/policy), which are available in the license agreement and privacy policy fields below.
-The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for some game items (range: $0.99 에 $99.99).
-Must be 13+ to play.

범주: 계략/Puzzle
가격: 비어 있는


Don’t miss out on this exciting new update! It is a bountiful harvest of new levels and features! Pets!

Earn new power ups as you and Marie raise new barnyard friends and teach them new tricks to help you in your puzzles!
The sun is rising at the County Fair! Be on the lookout for this limited time Challenge for your chance to earn the Champion’s Prize!

Now with over 1000 epic levels, you can now expand and grow your farm across the acres of Hot Air Hijinx!

사용자 리뷰 / 의견:

  • I’ve had so many diamonds and there was one game I was on and it said to use 15 diamonds to continue for 5 lives so I did that and then the game decided to crash not cool restarted app and now my diamonds I had are all gone. That’s not right at all. Now this will be twice this game took my diamonds. Please update game and keeps crashing.
  • Love this game but I found a slight problem. I was on Balloon Blunder when I finally decided to connect my account to facebook. However when I did this I think the amount of coins I had reset. I only have 2000 right now and I’m pretty sure I didn’t run out that quickly. Is there any way to check this?

FarmVille: Harvest Swap FILE INFORMATION

패키지 이름: com.zynga.farmarcade
번역: 1.0.3490 (10013490)
파일 크기: 92.2 MB
업데이트: 5 월 26, 2018
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16)

DOWNLOAD FarmVille: Harvest Swap 1.0.3490 (10013490) APK

이전 버전

FarmVille: Harvest Swap 1.0.3422

패키지 이름: com.zynga.farmarcade
번역: 1.0.3422 (10013422)
파일 크기: 91.3 MB
업로드: 9 월 14, 2017
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1 (젤리 빈, API 16)

FarmVille: Harvest Swap 1.0.3402

파일 이름: com.zynga.farmarcade_v1.0.3402-10013402_Android-4.1.apk
번역: 1.0.3402 (10013402)
업로드: 5 월 31, 2017 ...에서 3:27오후 GMT + 00
파일 크기: 91.25MB (95,690,255 바이트)
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1+ (젤리 빈, API 16)

FarmVille: Harvest Swap 1.0.3295

파일 이름: com.zynga.farmarcade_v1.0.3295-10013295_Android-4.1.apk
번역: 1.0.3295 (10013295)
업로드: 행진 18, 2017 ...에서 3:14오후 GMT + 00
파일 크기: 90.62MB (95,027,914 바이트)
최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 4.1+ (젤리 빈, API 16)

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