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Improve your calling experience and call control by updating the Phone app for your Android 7.0 (Nugat) or newer device. You’ll get Call Screen, Google Duo video calling, spam protection, and caller ID.

Avoid unwanted callsScreen spam, scams and other unwanted calls. Get real-time transcription and block unwanted callers so you never hear from them again. (Available in US English on Pixel devices)

To make the highest quality one-to-one video call, simply tap from the call log, Szukaj, or contacts card. Easily switch a voice call to a Duo video call with Google Duo installed and activated.

See warnings about potential spam callers and report suspicious calls to help protect the community from telemarketers, fraudsters, and spammers. Block numbers to prevent them calling you again.

Check your messages without having to call voicemail – widok, playback and delete them right from the Phone app and download the audio to your device.

Switching from a call shrinks the call screen so it can be moved while multitasking in other apps.

Opinie użytkowników / Opinia.

  • This app is ok until you update it. The latest update caused me to not be able to answer incoming calls while I’m on another call. I uninstalled the update and it works fine. Please fix this because 1) we need the phone to work and 2) I like the colors better on the updated version.
  • All of my contacts in the contacts tab in this phone app are duplicated (they’re not duplicated in the Contact app or in the google contact from website). The duplicate is for whatsapp and google duo. And sometimes, they duplicated many times, lubić 2 times for whatsapp, i 2 times for google duo. So I will have 5 contacts with the same name and same number. And it’s very annoying. Proszę napraw to. I 1 more thing, we need call recording function.
  • The calling accounts part is not working properly. Even though i am selecting a seperate sim to make calls but the calls are going through the first one itself again and again even if i am changing the calling accounts it’s no use the calls are going through the same sim card. Please solve my issue

Google Phone 26.0.222848963-go (noarch) (NODPA) (Android 7.0+) INFORMACJE FILE

Wersja: 26.0.222848963-iść (3232484)
Rozmiar pliku: 11.23 MB (11,778,758 bajty)
mnie: Android 7.0 (Nugat, API 24)
Przesłano: grudzień 5, 2018 w 11:55PO POŁUDNIU

Download Google Phone 26.0.222848963-go (noarch) (NODPA) (Android 7.0+) APK

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Google Phone 26.0.222117411-publicbeta beta (noarch) (240dpi) (Android 7.0+)

Wersja: 26.0.222117411-publicbeta (3232184)
Rozmiar pliku: 13.76 MB (14,431,240 bajty)
mnie: Android 7.0 (Nugat, API 24)
Przesłano: listopad 20, 2018 w 7:41JESTEM

Google Phone 26.0.221539659-publicbeta-go beta (noarch) (NODPA) (Android 7.0+)

Wersja: 26.0.221539659-publicbeta-go (3231838)
Rozmiar pliku: 11.23 MB (11,778,758 bajty)
mnie: Android 7.0 (Nugat, API 24)
Przesłano: listopad 17, 2018 w 7:42PO POŁUDNIU

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