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Notificação História Log APK Baixar v9.1 Última versão tentar dar a versão mais recente "Notificação História Log APK Baixar v9.1 Última versão" para o seu telefone Android. Esta App pertence à categoria Android. Este arquivo APK última actualização de Agosto 5, 2019 em 10:35 sou. Escolha e download a partir do link de download abaixo direta para começar a obter o arquivo apk para "Notificação História Log APK Baixar v9.1 Última versão", E, em seguida, mover o arquivo para o cartão SD do seu telefone Android e usar um gerenciador de arquivos que você preferir navegar e instalá-lo. você precisará Android 4.0.3 versão ou superior para instalar este aplicativo.

Download Notification History Log APK Download Latest Notification History Log APK Download v9.1 Latest version 1version for free here for your andróide telefone ou tablet…

Never imagined what happens to your notification when you dismiss or clear it from notification tray?

Have you ever in a situation where you accidentally removed the notification/message from any installed application and want to read that deleted message or notification again?

Não se preocupe,
Notification History Log is here for your rescue.

Once you install this app, it will start generating the notification log and you can literally view the notification history a qualquer momento.

You can easily manage, sort and view all past notifications you received after installing Notification History Log application

This app works on almost all Android smartphones and tablets running on KitKat or higher. The best thing about the app is Advanced History feature where you will get full control over your past notifications.

Notification History Log Features:

Advanced History:

Entire app magic happens in Advanced History screen. Você pode see deleted messages e past notifications with detailed information. The powerful search will help you find any stored notification from entire notification log very easily.

All notifications are grouped based on apps to show you the timeline of notification history.

You can also add important notifications to favorites, filter past notifications, export* the notification history to the Text file or Excel file, clear notification logs and more.

Temas:* Notification History Log is bundled with both light and dark themes. More themes will be added in the coming updates.

Homescreen Widget*: Add widget to your home screen to view the notification log instantly

Blacklist Apps*: You can blacklist the apps to ignore them in the notification logs.

Backup and Restore*: You can back up the notifications and restore them again when you are reinstalling Notification History Log later. All backups are encrypted and stored on your phone memory

Android Default Notification History: On supported devices, you can enable and open the Android’s default Notification History to view past notifications in the traditional way. You can enable this option in App Settings.

Clear Notification Logs: You can clear entire notification history from the Settings or you can even delete the notifications specific to single app.

Detalhes de permissão:

Notification Access: To get the notifications from notification tray and store them locally on your mobile

Armazenamento: To export notifications in excel or text files and to create encrypted notifications backup

Internet: To display Ads and for purchasing Pro Version

Important Notes:

1. Features marked with (*) are available in the Pro Version.

2. On devices like Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo you need to enable Auto start for Notification History Log application. Além disso, whitelist our app if you are using battery saver, RAM Cleaner or Speed booster applications.

Troubleshooting screen in App settings will help you in fixing most of the common problems.

3. It is not possible to get the notifications you received before installing our application. Our app will start generating the notification log only from the time when you install and enable the permission.

4. All your notifications are stored on your phone memory and we don’t have any kind of access to your notifications or data. We respect privacy and your information is completely safe.


App crash fixed while exporting notifications
Duplicates removed in search results
Identity the saved notifications of uninstalled apps
Favorites auto refresh when coming from home screen widget

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Dark Theme Added ?

Comentários do utilizador / Opinião:

  • I am receiving unknown notification with no context, my device vibrates like i did receive some notification but i didnt. tried to use this app to find out which app does that but it did not capture anything. well im still waiting
  • Lots of features and seems well designed, BUT, 1) clicking on message does not link directly to app, 2) absolutely ridiculous that you have to watch a video to delete even ONE messagenot a good way to get someone to by the Pro version, make some changes and you may get customers for a very good potential app, would certainly give a far better rating if this was done!
  • Works great. What I hate is the fact that this app collects all your notifications and uses them to collect personal data and sell it to 3rd party apps to direct specific ads towards you and whatever else they do with that data. The security page in the terms of service is ridiculously unprofessional.

Notification History Log 9.1 (andróide 4.4+) INFORMAÇÕES SOBRE O ARQUIVO

Versão: 9.1 (74)
Pacote: com.ikvaesolutions.notificationhistorylog
Tamanho do arquivo: 3.84 MB (4,031,444 bytes)
me: andróide 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded: janeiro 15, 2019 em 10:07PM

Download Notification History Log 9.1 (andróide 4.4+) APK

Versões antigas

Notification History Log 9.0.1 (andróide 4.4+)

Versão: 9.0.1 (72)
Pacote: com.ikvaesolutions.notificationhistorylog
Tamanho do arquivo: 3.79 MB (3,976,337 bytes)
me: andróide 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded: Outubro 29, 2018 em 9:51SOU

Notification History Log 8.0.1 (andróide 4.4+)

Versão: 8.0.1 (68)
Pacote: com.ikvaesolutions.notificationhistorylog
Tamanho do arquivo: 3.72 MB (3,902,264 bytes)
me: andróide 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded: Outubro 11, 2018 em 8:32PM

Notification History Log 8.0 (andróide 4.4+)

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