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Android Device Policy helps your IT admin keep your organization’s data secure. Your admin can set security policies like screen lock and configure settings like corporate WiFi. Kayıt olduktan sonra, you can view device details, the policies in yer, yerleştirmek ve mevcut uygunluk durumunuz.

• Easy enrollment
• Access to managed Google Oyun
• Access to email and work resources

Not: Your organization must use a device management service in order to use this app. For IT admins, this is the companion app for the Android Management Experience.


• Scan a QR code to enroll your device
• Your IT admin can help configure your device
• Access managed Google Play

Android Device Policy file Information

Dosya adı:
versiyon: bv00425-rc06 (42506)
Yüklenen: Nisan 21, 2017 en 4:44PM GMT + 00
Dosya boyutu: 3.14MB (3,290,159 bayt)
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.4+ (Kit Kat, API 19)
MD5: 689956c725ea7e45cccb8ecc595ff1fc
SHA1: 96c10d28fc32d03b4bd77089a1698f0e3fd2eaea

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