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Sensor Sense Toolbox APK v4.0.5 EN SON SÜRÜM

Download Sensor Sense 4.0.5 için APK senin Android seyyar, Tablet YA doğrudan bağlantı ile gelen herhangi bir Android cihaz.

Sensor Sense shows you information about all sensors supported by your phone.
Download for free and start exploring the data around you.

Sensörler: Support for all Android sensors: light sensor, compass, acceleration, Küresel Konumlama Sistemi, …
Real time graphs: Quickly view changes in sensors
Record sensors: Export data as a shareable .csv file
Callibration: callibrate all sensors when needed
materyal Tasarımı: A beautiful and intuitive interface
Detailed information: Information about the specifications of each sensor
Dark theme: Choose between a light and a dark theme (premium feature)

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Sensor Sense is an Android app that welcomes you in the world of data by showing you the output of all available sensors on your Android device.


Download for free and start exploring the data around you.

Real time graphs
Quickly view changes in sensors.

Record sensors
Save them for later or export them to your computer.

Detailed information
Information about the specifications of each sensor.

Materyal tasarımı
A beautiful and intuitive interface.

For pressure, temperature and humidity.

İzinler açıkladı:
• Yer: to display location info
• Fotoğraflar / Medya / Dosyalar: to save measurements to a .csv file
• Mikrofon: to display sound info

• Temperature
• Light
• Pressure
• Humidity
• Sound
• Acceleration
• Gravity
• Gyroscope
• Rotation
• Magnetic field (with compass)
• Proximity
• Yer
• Speed
• Battery
• Battery temperature
• WiFi strength
• Mobile network strength
– Availability of sensors depends on your device.

Sensör Algısı 4.0.5 APK dosyası Bilgisi:

Dosya adı: com.kristofjannes.sensorsense.apk
versiyon: 4.0.5
Yüklenen: Eylül 27, 2016 en 14:29 PM GMT + 00
Dosya boyutu: 3.9M
Asgari Android sürümü: 4.0 ve yukarı

geliştirinr: Kristof Jannes

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