Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface, The Cleaner is the same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love, now with a detailed dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overview of your phone’s health. Speed up your phone or tablet with the memory cleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batch uninstall unneeded or potentially malicious apps with the app manager, and protect your privacy with the included app lock function. You can also make your oyunlar run faster and improve their performance with the Game Booster. Hepsinin en iyisi, The Cleaner is as always as easy to use as it is beautifully designed, all in a lightweight app that won’t hog your Android’s memory, so cleaning your RAM and phone storage is easy and fast.

Free up memory and boost your device’s speed with a simple tap

Clean up storage by deleting junk files such as cache and APK files

Batch uninstall apps and identify apps with unnecessary permissions

Speed up your games and improve their performance

Protect your privacy by locking your apps with a PIN

Never forget to clean your device so that it’s always running optimally

The Cleaner is free, so try it today to speed up your Android! And please leave us a rating!

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İşletim sistemi: Android
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Kullanıcı İncelemeleri / Görüş:

  • Only just got it so far so good will edit review in a month’s time keep it up guy’s n girls well I’ve used this app for ages now I’ve even paid for the full version but now it keeps on stopping on me I don’t get a chance to use it so guys all I can say is HELP HELP please I like this app and now I can’t use it anymore
  • Büyük uygulaması, problem though.. worthy of 5 stars BUT tried to install it on another device I’ve got on another google account, but when I go into play store it saysnot available in your countryno ideas why. Any help developer’s? I’m in the UK & it’s worked fine on my phone for a few years.
  • This is a must have especially for low preference phones but its been around a while now and it seems to have halted i would have thought some new theams at least i like all these developers apps i would love to see them all together and nothing signifigaly new still to add to my review this app seems to be stuck still not even a new theam an I have a question? Why the option for administrator propertys I am close to uninstaling its been on my phone a long time and its lack of any meaningfull updates now the boost don’t even work its cleans minimal its a shame this app looked so promising


Paket ismi: com.liquidum.thecleaner
versiyon: 1.8.10 (69)
Dosya boyutu: 7.9 MB
Güncellenmiş: Mart 24, 2018
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0.3 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 15)

DOWNLOAD The Cleane 1.8.10 (69) APK

Eski versiyonlar

The Cleaner 1.8.9

Paket ismi: com.liquidum.thecleaner
versiyon: 1.8.9 (68)
Dosya boyutu: 7.9 MB
Yüklenen: Şubat 6, 2018
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0.3 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 15)

The Cleaner 1.8.8

Paket ismi: com.liquidum.thecleaner
versiyon: 1.8.8 (65)
Dosya boyutu: 7.3 MB
Yüklenen: Kasım 16, 2016
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0.3 (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 15)

The Cleaner 1.8.6

versiyon: 1.8.6
Yüklenen: Temmuz 12, 2016 en 12:14AM GMT + 00
Dosya boyutu: 7.33MB (7,689,363 bayt)
Asgari Android sürümü: Android 4.0.3+ (Dondurmalı Sandviç, API 15)


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