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دانلود گوگل بازی Books APK for your اندروید سیار, تبلت و یا هر دستگاه آندروید از با لینک مستقیم.

More about Google Play Books

Reading a book on your android phone has never been so easy ever since Google Play Books rolled out. This e-reader app provides the platform for buying and reading eBooks on Android and the Web. You can also upload ebooks from your hard drive and be able to access them via multiple devices.

گوگل بازی Books offers a built-in book market and library. اینجا, you’ll get personal recommendations, but you can also scroll down for more specific sections like History, Literature, or Romance, و غیره. When ready to buy the app will redirect you towards the PlayStore where you can purchase the book by making a payment.

Google Play Books را APK آخرین نسخه دانلود

کتاب بازی گوگل

Google Play Books mobile app has some nice features, like the built-in dictionary and the syncing capability. This way when stuck with a certain pronunciation or finding a meaning to a certain word becomes easy. You can easily search the shop for releases, Genres and Top free books offer and download them with a single click.

Downloaded e-books are then stored in the Google Play Books app, available to read whenever you want. You can also choose to download the ebook so that it is available for offline reading. Learn more aboutgenres offered by the Google Book Store. When you start reading a book you get certain tools to help you with reading.

Along with a bookmark and auto loading of the last page where you left in Google Play Books. You also get a word marker menu that pops-up when you long-press a certain word. Plus you also get a night reading dark background mode that consumes less battery and offers alot more eye comfort when reading a book.

Download this app now if you love to read and explore books from around the globe. Let us know if you liked the app by rating it and commenting below with your opinion and app hacks. Check out other similar apps such as Wattpad در that also offers millions of e-books for online reading and learning.

را انتخاب کنید از میلیون ها کتاب در Google Play از جمله نسخههای جدید, پرفروش نیویورک Times®, کتاب های درسی و کلاسیک رایگان. به راحتی اندازه فونت و سفارشی تنظیم و حتی بیشتر از تجربه خواندن خود را. آنلاین یا آفلاین مطالعه و انتخاب کنید تا جایی که شما را بر روی تلفن خود را به چپ, قرص, و یا کامپیوتر. شروع به کار امروز خواندن!

در این نسخه از Google Play Books چه جدید است?
  • Organize your library into shelves
  • Filter search results by price, افت قیمت, reading language, age range, special reading features, و بیشتر
  • Download new books to an SD card
  • Track your reading progress in ebooks
  • رفع اشکال, پیشرفت ها, و بهبود عملکرد

از Google Play Books اندروید اطلاعات فایل

  • نام بسته:
  • نسخه: 5.25.2_RC01.456819101(124840)
  • حجم فایل: 14.7 FMWhatsapp
  • به روز رسانی: جولای 13, 2022
  • حداقل نسخه آندروید: اندروید 4.4 (کیت کت, API 19)
  • صفحه نمایش DPI: NODPA
  • معماری: جهانی

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نسخه قدیمی تر از کتابهای Google Play APK موجود:

  • نام بسته:
  • نسخه: 5.22.1_RC02.436277551 (121061)
  • حجم فایل: 14.5 FMWhatsapp
  • آپلود شده: مارس 24, 2022

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