IDM互联网下载管理 6.18.6 (7) APK

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IDM互联网下载管理器是一个快速的多线程应用程序的下载管理器来帮助你管理所有文件下载很容易快速,高效. 有这个下载管理器的各种功能和服务. 已下载的所有文件都将显示在菜单界面中,你可以根据ategorisasikan视图或列表视图的GridView. 此应用程序将设置你的下载速度的优化尤伯杯和加速器 . 当下载管理器工作, then the file that you downloaded earlier will be governed by how many threads as you want. This meant that the download of the download manager is more fast efficient.

This application works very best if your internet network connection is adequate. Internet -connected network 3G / 4G / LTE stable will add the ability grab to download used in this application. We encourage gojek you to use this type of Internet connection 4G or HSPA due to the speed up of the internet as it will be easier for you to Booster / 提升你的下载速度为最大应用程序的下载管理器. 互联网网络通常是经常合作马贝尔EDUCA工作室使用信号放大器或信号速度的助推器驱动的,有Play商店中的这么多. 因为当您使用下载管理器应用程序肯定是加快的速度下载任何文件将被急需.

Internet Download Manager or IDM for Android版 is available for free for anyone who wants to download. various facilities and simple convenience provided by the application’s download manager like bukalapak will cause you to manage download such files , 音乐 , sound , MP3 , 视频 , 文件 , photo , Image , 墙纸 , winrar , winzip , applications , pokemon go , 提示 & trick pokemon go , cheat hack tutorial coin , 和别的. Applications downloaded earlier will be managed in a file manager that is contained in the application internet download manager for android or this tokopedia IDM. 这些应用程序都在上面湖乡布拉特浏览器,可以使你以非常快的下载任何应用程序或文件,而无需打开另一个浏览器. 下载较早你可以自己设置输出置于任何文件夹中. Android或IDM互联网下载管理器很容易,最大限度地知道什么时候下载你正在寻找下载完.

分类查看全部下载这个应用程序有一些呈现该视图的三个特征, 删除, checksum that you can choose yourself based lazada on what you want to do cash tree to the files in the internet download manager for android or this IDM. a state in which after the tahu bulat results had been completed download will be visible on the menu in the navigation called “done”. So when you click on the menu will appear the file or app downloaded by internet download manager for android or this IDM.

* 放弃: This app does not provide illegal downloader features such as MP3 downloader or mp3 music download. We are not responsible for any form of piracy that is used in this application. We also forbid you to download a file that has been copyrighted.

* We advise you to be wise in using this application. various forms of crime or offense we are not responsible for it. We are open to criticism and suggestions from you. Please submit your comments and suggestions to email us, and we will immediately respond.


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– Performance Improvement

IDM file information

版: 6.18.6 (7)
文件大小: 2 MB
更新: 六月 5, 2018
最小Android版本: Android版 2.1 (闪电, API 7)

下载IDM互联网下载管理器 6.18.6 (7) APK


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