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Razer的色度APK v2.5.199 (Android的 7.1+) 下载用于Android | 最新版本

AndroidFreeApks.com尽量给的最新版本 "Razer的色度APK v2.5.199 (Android的 7.1+) 下载用于Android | 最新版本" 为你的Android手机. 这个应用程序属于Android类别. 这个APK文件最后更新于七月 30, 2019 在 3:33 上午. 选择从下面直接下载链接下载,开始获取apk文件 "Razer的色度APK v2.5.199 (Android的 7.1+) 下载用于Android | 最新版本", 然后将文件移动到你的Android手机的SD卡,并使用一个文件管理器,你喜欢浏览和安装. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安装此应用.

Razer Chroma APK v2.5.199 (Android 7.1+) Download for Android | Latest Version 1

内置于我们的DNA, 雷蛇手机 2 设有一个照明Razer标志具有可定制的Razer色度™RGB照明. 您的移动设备变成你的性格的延伸与 16.8 万个色选项, 包括个性化的通知警报. 使用CHROMA配置应用到不同的颜色之间切换, 或来自三个不同的照明效果选择: 静态的, breathing, and spectrum.


Carry the power of Flagship//Gaming with you all day with an industry-leading 4000 mAh battery in the Razer Phone 2 that supports Qualcomm QuickCharge+. A Razer Chroma™ wireless charging base station features Wireless Fast Charging technology to get you to full power quickly so you’ll always stay in control for work and play.


  • I almost love thisexcept that the ‘notifocationbit is waaaaay too sensitiveif I have ANYTHING in the drop down, it flashes at me, even if its just Google telling me the weather, or my music player showing the song thats playing. 真, really annoying! It should only light up when an app tells it to, not when theres any item in the notification bar!
  • so much potential. The razer chroma app boasts about 16.8 million different color possibilities, however there’s only 3 different effects given.. its nice, but it could be so much more. 雷蛇, I know you’re seeing this 😉 hook us up with custom lighting profiles. by gamers, for gamersyou know you want to. Really looking forward to any updates, 虽然. 压力. absolutely loving the razer 2 as a whole for anyone thinking about getting one
  • Can’t control which app notifications light up or what color per app. Having constant running apps cause light to run non stop. Only options are low, med, high, speed and style of pulse. Needs more options. Would be better to have light flow style control.

Razer Chroma 2.5.199 (Android的 7.1+) 文件信息

版: 2.5.199 (20050199) 
包: com.razer.chromaconfigurator 
文件大小: 17.23 兆字节 (18,069,943 字节)
我: Android的 7.1 (牛轧糖MR1, API 25)
上传: 游行 14, 2019 在 6:14上午

Download Razer Chroma 2.5.199 (Android的 7.1+) APK


Download Razer Chroma 2.2.180 (Android的 7.1+)

版: 2.2.180 (20020180) 
包: com.razer.chromaconfigurator 
文件大小: 17.97 兆字节 (18,842,469 字节)
我: Android的 7.1 (牛轧糖MR1, API 25)
上传: 一月 14, 2019 在 5:59上午

Download Razer Chroma 1.5.125 (Android的 8.1+)

版: 1.5.125 (10050125) 
包: com.razer.chromaconfigurator 
文件大小: 10.36 兆字节 (10,867,438 字节)
我: Android的 8.1 (奥利奥, API 27)
上传: 十一月 1, 2018 在 6:12上午

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